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There are others out there who feel sounds/music should be combined…the journey begins…


Here’s another music related issue which is important to me as a writer – the soundtrack to whatever I’m writing.

If I write a book – and I’ve written three – there’s a soundtrack which goes with it.

I mean a running order of songs – I’ve worked it out, written it down, changed the order – refined it until I’m happy with it. Is this geeky? I’m worried this might be coming off a bit geeky.

Anyway – I do it for a reason, so don’t judge me. I do it because it gives me a feel of what the book’s about. It’s another creative direction you can take your story in. A way of opening another window into the world you’re creating. It’s fun too of course – and a new way of approaching music – not simply ‘Do I like this or not?’ but ‘Does this fit?…

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Blogging into the future!

As a child, or at any age for that matter I’ve never kept a diary or any sort of record of my life, and with a terrible memory for things sometimes it can be somewhat difficult to reflect on things in a constructive way.

Just from writing the posts contained in this blog I can begin to see why people actually do it. To me it’s a bit like a diary for the technological age and one that you have the option of sharing with as many or as few people as you want.

So in light of this discovery the next goal will be to keep writing, not necessarily for other people to read as a blog, but for me to come back to for reflection and direction and a means of documenting my journey through the next stages of my career.

To BBC or not to BBC?

Still unsure if this is going to come off but I’ll stick at it and see where it goes.

The sketchy deatils:

I promoter guy who works in Derby and London is involved in a project to film a series of X factor spoofs that will be intended for broadcast on TV, yes you heard it right folks on actual TV! I’m not dealing directly with him so from the information I have he needs a house band to play jingles, themes, and the odd song on the set. Interesting.

In 3 days we have got a band together, rehearsed 5 songs for him to listen to and invited him to listen to what we’ve got. He came to meet us today and we played what we had. He then asked us to have a jam with him, this is where it got a bit scary, being put on the spot like that is difficult but good experience non the less.

He seemed to like us.

I’ve met these promoter type guys before, they always have the same persona about them. We kinda felt that we should take what he was saying to us (which involved BBC and Simon Cowel (Irony)) with a pinch of salt. I was thinking things like: Why ask us? Surely this guy knows lots of musicians who’d be perfect for the job. More experienced people. But maybe they would demand real money, and not fees a student would be happy with. It felt strange to finally find myself in that kind of position, like it wasn’t true. I felt a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to fulfil his request of a ‘house band’. Time for a lot more practice I think. I was happy with how we played as a group and myself as a guitarist.

I’ll stick around for this project and will be very interested to see how it pans out.